Professional company in Educational platform based on IT

We are carrying out IT services such as development, operation and consulting of educational management and education service system of Willbis Group. We have been carrying out domestic and overseas business based on technology and contents experience that we have over 20 years of business. We are pursuing steady growth as a business strategy with a balanced structure of stable business operation and new growth.

  • Integrated system development of Willbes
    Maintenance of integrated system for Namoo business academy, ...

    SM Team

  • Management system development of Nigeria's e-government capacity building center - KOICA project
    Educational Informatization project in Uzbekistan - EDCF project, ...

    ODA Business

  • Development of information management based on SNU GIS
    Maintenance of GSWaterS waterworks management system, ...

    SI Team

  • Contents development of National Music Academy
    Contents development of CLMV's capacity building project - KOICA project, ...

    Contents development, distribution and sales